A New
Smart Neighbourhood

Milano Santa Giulia is an integral part of Milan’s urban fabric; it is a new district made up of a residence complex combined with services and areas for work, shopping and leisure time.

However, Milano Santa Giulia is also an innovative district containing new ideas in terms of design, technology and methodological approach, which offer fresh, effective solutions to the needs of daily urban life: a city that is inefficient and tiring to live in (with regard to time, space and services) is being replaced by a smart, intelligent, functional city designed to facilitate daily life as best as possible.

A 360° Concept

In order to provide efficient, innovative solutions, a design team was formed, which included highly experienced professionals who shared an approach focused on sustainability and smart innovation.

The team was coordinated by Foster+Partners in London, a leading international architecture firm responsible for designing numerous best practice projects around the world.


Milano Santa Giulia is the first urban development project in Italy to have adhered to the LEED Neighbourhood Development protocol, which demands high standards in terms of quality of life and sustainability.