A 360° Concept

The approach towards redeveloping the Montecity – Rogoredo area, in terms of the part that has not yet been implemented, has raised many methodological questions that have required input from scientists and various professionals along with a constructive dialogue with institutional and social stakeholders.

Before embarking on the urban and design aspects of Milano Santa Giulia, the multi-disciplinary project team, led by Foster+Partners, one of the world’s most innovative architectural firms, spent time reflecting on the type of district they wanted to create, identifying the project’s core values and integrating the development with Milan’s urban, social and economic structure.

A variety of issues and themes were considered in this context:

The characteristics of the urban morphology to be proposed
The quality of life and working environment that the district would offer
The architectural nature of the new neighbourhood
The construction of the new, contemporary, urban landscape
The quality of public spaces
The characteristics and distribution of the major urban facilities planned
The response to the living requirements of people from various social backgrounds
The ability of the development to integrate with the existing surroundings
The established way of life
Structural and energy saving issues

The final result was to propose a new design idea, characterised by a strong identity based on three key elements:


Milano Santa Giulia is an integral part of Milan’s urban fabric;
it is a new district made up of a residence complex combined with services and areas for work, shopping and leisure time.