A New Smart Neighbourhood

The solutions that will be implemented originate from a thorough study of Milan’s urban context and the most advanced experience in Europe. Everything is designed around a few key concepts: simplicity, efficiency, smartness and sustainability.

Smart Living

The quality of life in a smart district is measured by the availability of cultural activities, accessibility of information, opportunities for exchanges and interactions and social cohesion.

Free wireless connectivity in several public areas of the neighbourhood.
Interactive public spaces with multimedia installations.
Fixed open data stations where information about the district can be sourced.
Residential buildings designed to include communal areas, gyms, rooms for meetings/parties, catering and laundry services, to facilitate interaction and exchange between apartment blocks and develop a sense of community.

Smart Mobility

A smart district requires good internal mobility, good access to the outside, a network of ICT infrastructure, innovative and intelligent traffic management systems, sustainable and safe public transport and strategies to support the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Smart car parks, with a guidance system and real time controlled access to the car park.
A car sharing and bike sharing system.
Digital internal traffic management with controlled access for vehicles.
Expansion of public transport.

Smart Working

In a constantly evolving workplace, to encourage competition and development, we need to create a working environment that can respond to the new demands within it: connection, practicality and efficiency, fresh workplace designs and new interactions with the region and the city.

Modern, comfortable and practical co-working areas in line with the most cutting-edge examples found in Euorope.
Areas for encouraging young entrepreneurs and supporting the launch of creative and innovative start-ups, including partnerships between the public and private sectors.
Public spaces for hire to organise private business networking events.
Support for the development of local artisanal and industrial production.

Smart Building

An “intelligent” building capable of combining environmentally friendly elements at all stages of the building project (from its design to its final use) with technological and design options that can improve the lives of those who live and work within it.

New pre-fabricated construction methods, which reduce waste production on the building site.
Installations for efficient energy management.
Elements of home automation.
Management of the internal spaces of the office buildings to respond to new organisational requirements in the workplace.


Milano Santa Giulia is the first urban development project in Italy
to have adhered to the LEED Neighbourhood Development protocol, which demands high standards in terms of quality of life and sustainability.