Milano Santa Giulia
and Milan

The idea behind the Milano Santa Giulia development is deeply rooted in Milan’s social and urban fabric, interpreted in a new, smart and sustainable way.

Milano Santa Giulia has the same intensity and vibrancy as Milan: the presence of different facilities (homes, offices, shops and entertainment), the urban grid composed of blocks and Lombard courtyards, and the neighbourhood’s social structures built on relationships, services and a sense of belonging to a community.

Milan without
sacrificing anything

Milano Santa Giulia offers an innovative version of Milan’s special features to respond to the social demands of those living a large city: the presence of green spaces for daily use, efficient and accessible services, sustainable and practical mobility, a safe area in which one can feel at home and a pleasant, lively and stimulating atmosphere for spending free time.


Milano Santa Giulia is an integral part of Milan’s urban fabric; it is a new district made up of a residence complex combined with services and areas for work, shopping and leisure time.