Milano Santa Giulia,
a new hub for Milan

Milan has always been characterized by its ability to imagine and shape the future.

It is the place where examples of excellence come together, connect and influence each other: a constant laboratory for innovation and development.
Milan is a system filled with interconnections, where it is easy to start new relationships, information and know-how spread quickly, and ideas and projects take shape and become reality.
All this is possible thanks to the density and intensity of its urban fabric. The infrastructure for this network is the city itself, which supports and promotes these processes.

The new Milano Santa Giulia neighbourhood is part of all this. The basic idea behind the project is to build a “new section of the city” where harmonious integration of facilities recreates a functional structure filled with interaction, as happens in the busiest areas of a city.

Offices and business centres are integrated into a diverse residential area completed by local services. The daily experience of those living and working in the new district is enriched by the opportunities presented by the entertainment areas, commercial services, the park, green spaces and facilities for leisure pursuits.

The overall experience is one of living in a modern, innovative neighbourhood that offers a high quality of life.


Milan has always been a city in which work, success and professional opportunities are key social requirements. However, in recent years, there has been a desire for a new, more harmonious relationship between private life, work and social life.