A New Neighbourhood

Thinks of Milan and imagines the future the city wants: this is Milano Santa Giulia. An open, inclusive neighbourhood, designed as a place where people interact with each other and engage with the city and the opportunities available: green spaces, services, leisure time, work and connections. An innovative district that can predict the future and make it a reality for the daily lives of those who live, work and plan their lives in an urban context.

The New
Urban Space

The new urban area will be a compact district composed of tree-lined avenues, residential streets, pedestrian and cycle routes, plazas and gardens, all set around a large park that will be at the heart of the development.
A typically urban, accessible and practical space in which living, working and passing time will be simple and fulfilling.

Nowadays, being connected is an essential need and being connected efficiently makes all the difference. The position and the connection infrastructure will allow easy access to the metropolitan area and destinations further away.
The desire to increase Milan’s green spaces in line with other European cities led to a new, large, urban park being included in the Milano Santa Giulia project. It will be equipped with services for sports and leisure time, at the heart of the neighbourhood and the natural background to daily life.
The park will be organized according to typical Lombard landscapes: canals, pools of water, lawns, wooded areas and plantations, bringing life to a varied, rich and biodiverse environment.
The residences will have a large internal courtyard (as for the Lombard tradition) providing residents with the added benefit of an enclosed garden. The proportions and positioning of the courtyards and the height of the façades are designed with seasonal exposure in mind to optimize light and the relationship with the exterior.
The network of plazas, streets, the pedestrian routes that connect them and the cycle lanes become part of daily life and a means for spreading livability and urban quality throughout the neighbourhood.
The presence of urban attractions such as the multifunctional arena, the cinema, the entertainment spaces and the Children’s Museum enrich the district and strengthen its appeal. Their location, in direct contact with access routes to major motorways, completely neutralises any interference with internal mobility.
Modern lifestyles are based on increasingly fluid templates for managing time and work, and time and private life. The ease of connection, the urban fabric filled with services and opportunities for interaction, relaxation and leisure, provide an effective response to the demand for a better quality of life.
Living in a smart environment means being able to simply and easily access a stimulating, rich environment filled with opportunities. The design and planning choices made for Milano Santa Giulia are focused on creating the first smart neighbourhood in Italy: smart mobility, smart living, smart economy, smart environment and smart people.
Planning a sustainable city means designing it from a 360° perspective: imagining private and public spaces able to promote and support social life; designing an urban fabric both in terms of strategic energy use and so that it can encourage virtuous lifestyles; establishing a development process that can promote long-term economic growth in the region.


The idea behind the Milano Santa Giulia development is deeply rooted
in Milan’s social and urban fabric, interpreted in a new, smart and sustainable way.