The first sustainable neighbourhood in Italy

Milano Santa Giulia is the first urban development project in Italy to have adhered to the LEED Neighbourhood Development protocol, which demands high standards in terms of quality of life and sustainability.
The idea behind the Milano Santa Giulia development, therefore, is to represent a virtuous model for the metropolitan area of Milan and, more generally, across Italy, by creating a sustainable balance and combination of residential areas, green spaces, offices, commercial areas and venues of cultural interest.

To achieve this objective, the project is designed according to three themes that represent the fundamental guidelines for the concept of sustainability:


the ability to guarantee everyone
the conditions necessary for well-being
and a good quality of life


the ability to maintain a high quality environment
through optimal management
of natural resources


the ability to generate
income and employment


In Milano Santa Giulia, solutions to the new demands of city life integrate constructively with attention to smart mobility, smart working and a wide variety of entertainment and leisure options.