The district’s geographical position is a strong feature of the project. It is located so as to complete the city’s urban fabric and unite it with the wider metropolitan area.
The proximity of the project to major road and public transport infrastructure represents a strong competitive advantage. The newly planned infrastructure will complete and strengthen the infrastructure system in the south-eastern part of the metropolitan area.


Connections with the road network of Milan’s metropolitan area will be multi-faceted.

  • The connection to the motorway system is direct and via Milan’s east ring-road (Mecenate, Paullese and Rogoredo exits).
  • Connection to the city centre is guaranteed by an underground extension of the Paullese main road towards Piazzale Cuoco and Piazzale Bologna.
  • Lastly, over-land connections complete the system with the urban road network of neighbouring districts.

Particular attention was paid to internal traffic, separating flows heading towards the main external attractions (museums, arenas, retail areas and business centres) from those heading towards residential areas, thereby preventing them from intersecting.
The whole area will be served by cycle routes connected to those in the urban park, along with bike sharing and car sharing stations, to respond to the needs of all residents and visitors. Particular attention was paid to smart mobility planning as a means to control vehicle access, real-time guidance system to car parks and controlled access to lay-bys.

Public transport

The solution adopted for public transport involves different and integrated hierarchical levels:

AV – high speed train, with rapid, efficient links to Italy’s main cities (Turin 50 mins., Bologna 50 mins., Rome 3hrs 20 mins).
Suburban public transport with Rogoredo station (MM3, S1, S2, S13 and S14) and Forlanini station (MM4, S5, S6 and S9), which connect to the subway system.
The extension of the no. 27 tramway line (estimated to carry 73,000 passengers per day), which will complete the local public transport network in south-eastern Milan, connecting Rogoredo station (MM3, S1, S2, S13 and S14) with Forlanini station (MM4, S5, S6 and S9).

This is complemented by close attention to other transport means, such as the car park close to Rogoredo station that further enhances function of the hub.