Multifunctional Arena

Another component that characterises the Milano Santa Giulia development and makes it unique is the multifunctional arena (12/15,000 seats), which will be used for shows, cultural events, exhibitions, indoor sports events (basketball, volleyball, indoor tennis, etc.) as well as important national and international concerts. The arena is designed to be a highly flexible space: indeed, its infrastructure will be planned and designed to ensure rapid, efficient turnover. This will ensure efficient management of future events programmes.

The arena will be equipped with commercial services that will be open every day of the week for most of the day, ensuring that the area remains vibrant even in the evening.
Its position, near the Retail and Entertainment District, on the eastern edge of the neighbourhood, will facilitate strong integration with the area’s commercial facilities and the adjacent park, thereby generating mutual benefits: the appeal of the arena will increase the number of visitors to the commercial facilities (bars, restaurants, shops, etc.), while at the same time, the retail opportunities and the proximity to the park will enrich the experience of attending events at the arena (pre/post-event).
A dedicated access system and ample underground parking will facilitate efficient, fluid traffic management, while limiting disruption to residential areas and to the neighbourhood’s internal road network.