& entertainment district

Entertainment, leisure and shopping are central to the overall vision for the new district, both in terms of its appeal and in terms of its urban and architectural fabric.
The social and commercial heart of the district will consist of a triangle delineated by three plazas and three main streets: Museum Plaza is the cultural centre housing the Children’s Museum, Arena Plaza is the entertainment hub, while Market Plaza is dedicated to urban shopping (market, hypermarket, etc.).
The atmosphere will therefore be lively, pleasant and busy throughout the day, thanks to the open layout that combines shopping, entertainment, culture, areas for socialising and leisure time (bars, restaurants, playgrounds, gardens, etc.) and work spaces (small and medium dimensions).

Therefore, the area will not only be a shopping district, but it will have an innovative mix of harmoniously combined facilities to ensure a complete, pleasant and varied experience. It can also be a place for socialising, spending free time, enjoying oneself or simply relaxing.

Greenery will be a prominent feature of the area: the “Santa Giulia Gardens” will offer the unique experience of shopping within a green complex that connects and blends into a large urban park.

Access to the district will be managed efficiently and will be separate from the internal access routes from the adjoining residential areas. Ample underground parking will ensure that the area is free from vehicular traffic.


The Gallery Walk is a pedestrian street that connects Market Plaza with Museum Plaza and represents a natural link between the residential area and the area dedicated to shopping and entertainment.

The Milano Santa Giulia retail street is the only one of its kind in Milan: a street dedicated mainly to design and interior furnishing, with showrooms, artisanal boutiques and art galleries, interspersed by restaurants, bars and cafés with outdoor seating, so that different times of day can be fully enjoyed.

Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia Gardens is the heart of the shopping district. It is an open-air pedestrian area, built on several levels and includes terraces and raised walkways with fountains, reflecting pools of water and a lush garden at the centre. At street level and on the first floor of the buildings, there will be various commercial services, while from the second floor, the spaces will be used for restaurants with open-air terraces and for offices. The presence of green spaces located on several levels, the attention given to creating spaces where light is the main feature and raised walkways that facilitate the flow of visitors, enrich and enhance the shopping experience, making it unique.

entertainment street

Retail Entertainment Street connects the Arena to the Children’s Museum with a wide, tree-lined avenue, which is one of the shopping district’s main arteries. This street is home to entertainment services, such as a multiplex cinema, and some of the biggest fashion and luxury brands, which give the area a lively, trendy atmosphere.

Local Shops and Services

The development will feature local commercial services that respond to the needs of nearby residents and those who work in the area. These include a hypermarket, with an Esselunga supermarket and book and electronics shops inside, and a wide network of local services that will spread throughout the residential areas. These services will ensure that the district is a pleasant and convenient place to be in throughout the day. The spread of local shops and services will also be strengthened by the flow of visitors attracted to the district because of its shopping and entertainment centres, and the Children’s Museum. All this will contribute towards creating an effect that is very similar to a traditional urban neighbourhood.