Technological Museum
of Innovation for Children

The Children’s Museum is specially designed for children. It is dedicated to innovation and technology and, through films, interactive screens, and educational workshops organised ad hoc for different age groups, it facilitates exploration of subjects such as sustainability, smart cities, the environment and cities of the future.

My smart city of the future


An educational methodology placing children at the center of their learning experience.


“Smart city” concept: a new approach to well-being and a new role for the citizens as active participants in the change process.
Where science and technology play a key role.


The city as personal and collective experience, as natural and built environment.
The city as identity that changes.


Involved and informed citizens, able to face up the epochal challenges of the 21st century.

The design of the museum and its educational and cultural provision will benefit from collaboration with the staff of Milan’s National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, which enjoys international acclaim.

The museum is intended to be a multifunctional space, housing a restaurant, bar and an auditorium for conferences and meetings, and will be a popular venue for people from outside the local area also.

Furthermore, its position facilitates strong synergies and integration with the other services located in the area, especially the commercial and accommodation facilities, but also with the park (a visit to which is enriched by references to the contents of the Museum, turning it into a natural, outdoor extension) and services for children and schools in particular.