Urban Park

The park is the central nucleus of the district for leisure pursuits as well as being the meeting point between the north and south sections of the neighbourhood. It will be equipped with facilities and equipment for sport, games and relaxation, which will be located mainly along the north and south perimeters.

The park will be a very attractive venue for the entire metropolitan area: a series of outdoor events and activities will bring the park to life, integrating with the district’s other appealing facilities, entertainment, culture and shopping, making Milano Santa Giulia a unique part of the city.

The park will be a meeting point between the urban areas adjacent to the new district (especially Milano Rogoredo, the Via Bonfadini area and Viale Ungheria), facilitating interaction and exchange between different neighbourhoods.

The Milano Santa Giulia park is part of the city’s green infrastructure:

in the south-eastern part, it will complete the circle that links the large urban parks via cycle routes;
it will be an important meeting point for the Raggio Verde project, which will connect the city centre in a southerly direction with the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano routes and in a north-easterly direction with Parco Forlanini, Parco Idroscalo and Parco Lambro.